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Eyewitness account updates from Tripoli right now

All lines cut off again, it might come back anytime or not! Only God knows!

We can hear the thugs in Green Square cheering for him right now, gund shots, fireworks… it is maddness!!! he didn’t say anything about people who been killed, not a word, Allah will be with us…] phpbb егэ по физики

Well its been very quiet today. The roads empty and clean (the local boys whom guard the streets at nights clean up in the early morning then go to rest). There were even kids playing with and riding bikes in the side streets.

Around 5:20pm we saw two helicopters heading into town but they were very high up and there was no shooting.

During the speech the roads were totally deserted. After the speech we could hear gun shots but people said it was a few Pro Gad pep at the burned down mathaba on Girgarish road, whom were celebrating with flags and such. A small group making a lot of noise.

This side is calm and we are all very tired of the fear and bully tactics. Many women refuse to leave the country and some of us are ready for the worst. Illi sear iysear. (what will happen will happen).

In Tripoli there are no reports of looting or destruction of any type. In fact our boys are guarding the banks and streets as there are no police. phpbb егэ по физики


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